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High School Degree Online

Carmen Said:

online course degree after high school??Good?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Julian Said:

Have no high school deplomia and want to sign up for student finacial aid to get ged online?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, you cannot get student financial aid unless you are going to college. Student financial aid are for COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY. You will have to get your GED on your own terms and means of payment, and once you have received a GED and have been accepted to a college or university, then you may apply to get financial aid.

Cynthia Said:

can you enroll in an online college degree program while still in high school?

We Answered:

Online college degree programs are expensive and not all of them are accredited. Your daughter can attend summer school and graduate one semester early, so that she can attend college in January instead of waiting till Fall.

There are also some advanced honors courses available in high school that are accepted as college credit. Her high school counselor will have more info on that.

I recommend community colleges for the first two years of college, as it is offers more individual attention and is less expensive that a four year university, and the credits offered are the same so they will transfer. An academic advisor can assist you with this.

Best wishes.

Elsie Said:

guy is High school online passing diploma is fake or right?

We Answered:


You get a GED not a high school diploma. Diploma's are given for attendence for something. So yes its a scam.

Shirley Said:

can a earn a degree from the Art institute online if I'm still in high school?

We Answered:

If you're going to take classes in media and art, I'd much rather you take them somewhere reputable, and someplace that's regionally accredited. The AI chain isn't very well respected, and they are expensive, and their classes won't transfer to your college, if you wanted them to.

You can check the art schools near you to see what art classes they offer online. But some that offer quite a few include Mass Art, Minneapolis College of Art, Savannah College of Art, and Academy of Art University. Those are all reputable and regionally accredited.

In fact, speak to your guidance counsellor about this. There are sometimes ways that you can have the online classes you take at a college apply toward your HS graduation.

Karl Said:

If you gradute high school wth a homeschool degree do you still have good chances of gettng into college?

We Answered:

Homeschooler Chelsea Link feared she might not get into any top schools. She got into seven:…

Then there are Micki and David Colfax, who homeschooled their three (four?) boys, and all of them went on to Harvard (and this was back in the 1980s, when homeschooling was even more unusual than it is today). Their book, “Homeschooling for Excellence,” describes their homeschooling adventure. There’s also Kerry Anderson, a student who spent her middle- and high-school career riding across the country in the cab of her mom’s big rig and homeschooling. A recruiter from Harvard came looking for her in 2007. She graduated from Harvard in 2010, and plans to continue to law school:…

You might also want to read Cafi Cohen's book, “And What about College? : How Homeschooling Leads to Admissions to the Best Colleges and Universities.”

So where to start? Find the website of a college you might be interested in, and do a search for “homeschool,” and see if it comes up with anything. MANY colleges and universities have a page dedicated to admissions policies in regard to homeschoolers.

Most, if not all colleges, will also want to see SAT and/or ACT scores. You’ll need to be careful of watching for the deadline on those, to make sure you take them when you need to. They will also want a few letters of recommendation (you can get those from anyone who might be able to speak to your academic life; perhaps outside teachers and/or mentors, a Scout leader, that type of thing), and A TRANSCRIPT. Face it, there’s a huge variety of high school diplomas, just like there’s a huge variety of high schools. I’ve known people who had high school diplomas and couldn’t read! Aside from that, every state has different requirements and standards when it comes to earning a high school diploma. That’s why when you apply to a college IN state (as opposed to out-of-state), they are more likely to take your diploma and GPA into account. If you apply out-of-state, they rely more heavily on your ACT and SAT scores. Also remember that the kid who took a slew of AP classes and held office in student council and a number of clubs got the same diploma as the kid who squeaked by with a C average taking woodshop, auto mechanics and art. The only way the colleges can tell the difference between these students is to know what classes they took. The list of classes, and the grades obtained for each, is your TRANSCRIPT. Those things are worth their weight in gold!!!

So you’ll want to carefully keep record of what you’re learning, and how much time you spend on it. A portfolio of your work wouldn’t hurt, either.

Lots of homeschooled kids take college courses while they're in high school. (High schools call this “dual enrollment.”) By the time they graduate from high school, they have an Associates Degree and then they transfer to the university of their choice. Not all of them do that, but many do. The only caveat on that is that it COULD affect your financial aid in the future, so it would be worth checking on that aspect.

Aaron Said:

If I were to finish high school and college online in the U.S., would it be recognized in Germany(long, 10pts)?

We Answered:

For entry requirements to the ballet school, you should contact them directly…

That school goes up to Form 13, which is the equivalent of High School completion and would qualify you for entry to university.

Remember that entry to this school is very competitive and you will have to pass an aptitude test first.

As for becoming a social worker in Germany, you would most likely have to study this at a German university. Therefore, any degree obtained outside Germany would not be of much use if you want to become a social worker in Germany.

Germans generally have no problems with degrees obtained online. There are many online degrees being offered in Germany through German universities, so no problem there.

You need to consider carefully your career path and be patient.

Hope this helps.

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