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Online Ba Degree

Bonnie Said:

Will UCLA accept an online BA degree to enter into their Grad school?

We Answered:

If you have an online degree from a traditional university, then they will probably accept it. If your degree is from an online university (even an accredited one, because frankly, they are all "accredited", but their accreditations aren't usually worth much), most likely not. Keep in mind, though, that UCLA is hard to get into in general, so you would need to do more than just take a series of classes to get in to most of their grad programs. This would be hard to do in an online program.

Kent Said:

What is the fastest someone has received their BA degree online?

We Answered:

Try California University of Technology. A semester/term is 6 weeks and it is Distance Education only. Right now they have a scholarship program (up to 100% tuition). Call the Admissions office at 1-909-396-6090 and get details!! Good luck!

Mathew Said:

Online BA degree colleges?

We Answered:

Hi there,

I would stick to the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar colleges that have online programs.

Check out Penn State, University of Maryland, California State University Dominguez Hills, Drexel University, to name a few.

Good luck!

Milton Said:

Is it possible to get an online BA degree while in the Marine infantry?

We Answered:

Yeah, check out University of Phoenix.

Dawn Said:

online ba degree ?

We Answered:

There are very few reputable universities offering online degrees. All the ones with a good reputation require you to attend your examinations in person.

I suggest you look at the Open University (UK) or one of the external degree programmes offered by London University.

I can only speak personally of the OU as I have not studied on line with any other uni but can tell you that the OU is fabulous.

Juan Said:

On line BA degree good for Japan work visa?

We Answered:

As long as the college (online or campus based) is regionally accredited, any degree you earn should be accepted by any potential employers or other academic institutions.
My best recommendation would be to contact a number of colleges to find the best fit for you and your needs (tuition, schedule, career opportunities, etc.). Too often people enroll in the first school they find rather than taking the time to find the best school for them. Taking that time now could save you a lot of time, money and frustration if you choose the wrong school.
This site has some good info on regionally accredited online degrees and some colleges that offer them to help expand your search:
I think you can enter your info on there for any colleges you are interested in and they will send you more info for free. Good Luck!

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