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Online Mba Degrees

Joy Said:

Do people look down upon people who get their MBA online?

We Answered:

MBAs are the debased coin of the realm to start with, and now the proliferation of online MBAs has ruined the market even further.

It remains true that the only full-time MBAs that really pay off are Top Tier MBAs. Other MBAs — part-time and on-line — may add to the student's "store of knowledge", but are cost-neutral only if the MBA fees are covered by the student's employer.

Yes, even people who get their MBAs online from prestige schools go out of their way to conceal the fact that the MBA was earned online.

Joel Said:

Do people look down on people who get their MBA online?

We Answered:

Yes, because online is just another scam for schools to make money. I mean, they even have online courses for subjects that need hands on. It's just ridiculous. I think it's okay to take some courses while you're taking real classes.

Bernice Said:

What is the best website for mba degrees online?

We Answered:

you need to stop spamming.

Gina Said:

Are Online MBA degrees credible?

We Answered:

some are but totally online MBA degree are mostly not credible as while most quality schools do offer online classes they still require a few class in house but those classes can often be done at night or on Saturday
I do not take online class at all my self as i getting my degree In international business as I fee the exposure to the foreign students is much better in class then online could ever be.

Glen Said:

What do employers think of online MBA degrees?

We Answered:

Employers do still prefer an on campus program, but for you, that's impossible. So make sure any MBA program you look at is AACSB accredited, and that any school you look at is known for its brick and mortar programs rather than for being online.

In fact, so long as the school fits the above criteria, it won't be overly obvious from your resume that you did it online.

There are quite a few reputable, AACSB accredited MBA programs that also offer MBAs online. They include elites as well as many reputable schools like: UMass Amherst, Penn State, Rensselaer Polytechnic, U Maryland, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Thunderbird, Babson, Arizona State, Indiana U, Northeastern, U Florida, U Nebraska Lincoln, Virginia Tech, U Hawaii, Syracuse, and several others. In fact, check with your home state's university system. See if one of your public colleges offers an MBA, because if so, you may qualify for the lower in-state tuition, despite you being on active duty.

Joe Said:

Online MBA Degrees? Are they worth the investment?

We Answered:

You should check out some blogs and forums dedicated to distance learners. I've included in the references section below the link to a blog/forum site that is written specifically for and by distance learners. It's a great place to go if you're looking for information like that.

I have also included a link to a place where you can begin your search for a masters in IT management.

Make sure to avoid any unaccredited schools. Accreditation is extremely important when getting any kind of degree online.

Lastly, there are a lot of people who frown upon online institutions. If you do get your degree online you should know how to defend it. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline and a thorough understanding of time management to be successful in completing a degree online and there is no reason for your degree to be looked down upon just because you completed it online.

Good luck!

Sheila Said:

Accredited MBA Online Degrees?

We Answered:

This site has some great information on accredited online MBA programs:…

You can fill out some quick information on there for specific schools and they will send you more information for free. I would recommend contacting a number of the schools to find the best fit for you and your needs. Too often people choose to attend the first program they see without looking at other options. Good Luck!

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statement of purpose sample for mba said:

From my experience most universities that provide each of these degree will allow you to customize your sessions to consist of a double degree upon finalization. post School provides an online MBA degree with a number of market places to significant in.

sop format for mba said:

Getting an online MBA degree from anywhere won't help you much with regards to gettng a better job or a better wage. But if you do to a fulltime system rated in the top ten you can anticipate a six determine wage when you get out.