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Online Undergraduate Degrees

Karl Said:

Can I get into graduate school with an online undergraduate degree?

We Answered:

Your degree will be from Washington State University and your transcripts should not differentiate between on line and ground based courses. It will show courses and grades, just like someone who earned their degree by sitting in classes. If your test scores, GPA and other supplemental admission materials for law school are solid it should make no difference that your earned your degree on line. Actually, they probably won't know unless you tell them.

Megan Said:

Online undergraduate degrees?

We Answered:

Career in journalism that's interesting. So you are creative and interesting kind. Taking this field at such a young age will always help you go long way. To view the list of courses offered online by the best of universities online go to… . These are the best possible colleges offering online courses in media field.

Best of luck.

James Said:

What reputable colleges/universities offer online undergraduate degrees in Arkansas & Mississippi?

We Answered:

Well since its on-line where its located is irrelevant. My favourite is Regis:…

The reason is they let you do 90 credits at an in state CC (and many offer them on-line nowadays) and the last year at Regis. They have an agreement with Northwest Arkansas
Community college so you are guaranteed of getting in. But it wouldn't be a problem anyway. If you do the sums this will usually work out cheaper than any other option I have seen. And Regis have these nifty combined bachelors/Masters that only take an extra year. These days every Tom, Dick and Harry has a bachelors, you really need a Masters to snag the better jobs.


Charles Said:

Has anyone gotten an online undergraduate degree?

We Answered:

One of my bachelor's degrees was 100% online. It was enough to get me into grad school twice and nobody has ever asked me if I sat in classrooms or did the work online - not a single time. They ask if I have a degree (and maybe my GPA) and then check off that box.

It's not the online nature of the degree that has or lacks respect - it's the prestige level of the school that awarded it. Harvard University has a wholly online master's program - I doubt anyone fails to respect that degree.

The key is that the degree needs to come from a reputable and regionally accredited college.

Ronnie Said:

What universities have Online extensions for Undergraduate Degrees?

We Answered:

It's rather comical how often individuals express such hatred towards the University of Phoenix. Unwarranted hatred for that matter. Common forms of misconception are "the credits earned won't transfer" and "the UoP is a degree mill."

In all honesty, the University of Phoenix isn't Harvard, nor is it trying to be. The school's main purpose is to provide hard working adults with an honest education. The logic used to attack the University of Phoenix's credibility is absolutely ridiculous. It's a for-profit school, therefor the education you receive from it is fake? I want to know how the financial side of the school correlates to the education received? "It's expensive, therefor it's fake." This logic is ludicrous.

The University of Phoenix, as you already know, is regionally accredited. Thus, is eliminated from false accusations such as the U of P being a "degree mill." There are extremely high standards the school has to meet in order to keep its accreditation. In turn, this also means that most of your credits will, in fact, transfer.

All in all, you shouldn't run into any problems regarding the University of Phoenix's academic standards being less than acceptable.

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