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Quick Online Degrees

Geraldine Said:

Online Degrees good for hire?

We Answered:

Unless the degree is from a nationally accredited school, it is not worth the paper it is printed on.

For example University of Phoenix offers on-line degrees that are properly accredited.

Most of these other schools "accreditation" is from some fictitious international organization and thus is bogus here in the states.

Mitchell Said:

What jobs can you get with a BA in Foreign Language/ Spanish? And where online can I get that degree quick?

We Answered:

These two colleges hava a way to get a BA in Foreign Language:

Brainbench has certification exams in Spanish: Written, Reading Comprehension, and Listening Comprehension. Certs are not the same as a college degree, but they can help with some areas of employment.

Peter Said:

What do you think about getting online degrees?

We Answered:

The idea is not bad as a whole, but I quite agree that it can't be compared to campus studying. Besides, online degrees are not accepted as proper/valid qualifications everywhere.

Paula Said:

I wanna do my Gradutaion Online, How i can have Quick and worldwide accepted Gradutaion Online ?

We Answered:

well i'm attending Colorado Technical University online and it's cheap for me, and I know it probably would be for you as well

Fred Said:

Are Online Degrees good for hire?

We Answered:

We're one of the largest employers in the state and we require degrees to be regionally accredited to be considered for employment.

Online, onground, hybrid format degrees are all equally acceptable.

We strive to protect our organization from unaccredited credentials such as Kennedy Western, Almeda, Rochville, etc.

That being said, the degree gets you considered, but your skills and experience get you hired.

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