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Accredited Ged Online

Mathew Said:

r there any accredited ged online exams accpeted by CHEA?

We Answered:

r there any accredited ged online exams accpeted by CHEA?

Erika Said:


We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

Tamara Said:

Which online school offers accredited high school diplomas/GED's?

We Answered:

Oh yeah there are definitely legitimate schools out there. Don't let the bad ones get you down. There are plenty of high quality, valid schools listed here:

Eddie Said:

Where can I earn an accredited GED online?

We Answered:

You can't. The GED is not offered online. All the sites offering to let you take the GED (or their equivalent of the GED) are scams - they are not offering the real GED, it will not be accepted by colleges or employers, most charge much more than the real GED costs, and claiming it's a real GED on your resume is a felony in some states.

Google the GED in your state (and pick the official state website) to find out how to register for the GED, how much it costs (less than $10 in some states), and if you're eligible to take it.

Marion Said:

anyone know an accredited online GED program? ?

We Answered:

I am currently an admissions representative for a college and have been for several years. You need to be careful when searching for online High School or GED programs.

Officially there aren't any approved online GED programs. All GEDs go through the state that you currently reside. GEDs are state run programs.

If you do an online high school, be careful about 50% are diploma mills and are not accepted by most colleges. Even though they say they are accredited. Most are accredited overseas in some bogus school. There are a few that are quality and are respected in the view of colleges. One of them is Penn Foster Online. Our college accepts them.

It would be less expensive if your husband goes to a local community college (about $90). He should not be embarrassed. I meet 100's of people a year that are in his same situation.

So talk him into getting it, it will only help him in the future.

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