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Diploma Of Accounting

Joy Said:

Can I take LCCI diploma accounting exam self study when also doing ACCA?

We Answered:

LCCI diploma does help with ACCA since you would have had 'experience' with the subjects in ACCA. Not only that it will make it easier for you to understand what you're learning in ACCA, it will help to provide you with the necessary background knowledge so you dont feel lost when you study for ACCA.

Vanessa Said:

What is the shortest Duration of Accounting Technician Diploma Program?

We Answered:

As far as I know, the shortest duration with effective coaching for Accounting Technician diploma program is 36 weeks. However, there are certain prerequisites to join a Accounting technician program. Have a look at for more details about the training program. I am a student of the MTI college, doing my Network administrator diploma program. They provide placement assistance too.

Wendy Said:

what do you think of an accounting diploma graduate with good experience applying for jobs but no interview .?

We Answered:

They just don't realize what they could have had. Think that this is meant to be and you will find the right job. Do you think you can widen your job search to some other companies? Some times it takes a longer time for any company positions to open up so keep trying. Has the applications you sent have a photo of yourself? A smiling pictures gets attention.

Ida Said:

should i do a diploma of accounting or bachelor degree?

We Answered:

The higher the certification (in other words, a degree as opposed to a diploma), the more opportunities it gives you. You could go for the diploma now and start working, but while you work, it would be wise to continue taking classes until you finish the degree. If you ever decide to change jobs, start looking for advancement where you are, or decide even to go into another field, having just a diploma will become very limiting. A degree is no guarantee, but it is usually a smart choice.

Gene Said:

What is the different between degree of accounting and ACCA?? Should i take CAT or diploma of accounting??

We Answered:

Qualifications just relate to how much you'll be paid and say how far you could go in a business.

So the difference will be pay and opportunities.

Jim Said:

What do you think of doing an Economics degree and then an accounting diploma?

We Answered:

I think it's a great idea and it will lead you into a well regarded and highly paid career.

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