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Diploma Of Training And Assessment

Katrina Said:

Teachers, I am a parent and my school district wants to implement these changes in testing....

We Answered:

Honestly, their changes seem to be more meaningful and formative in their design. Testing is largely a source of formative assessment to guide instruction for students, if they are consistently proficient, maybe testing isn't the best use of their time.

I am a bit confused, you are upset about the dropping of a norm referenced test. That is mind-boggling to me as norm referenced means half pass, half fail. So, that doesn't really tell you much. I am glad my state no longer uses any sort of norm referenced test

Beverly Said:

TRA assessment for Australian Immigration?

We Answered:

You may seek guidance on TRA Assessment for Australian Immigration from the following web link produced for your convenience.…
This is govt. of Australia official website that will result helpful in resolving any questions you may have about TRA.

Marion Said:

Is my resume any good? (HS Student with little experience)?

We Answered:

Your resume is fair enough....u have well highlighted your strengths and esp the order in which it is put..reflects your positive traits..

I would just like to add one suggestion...the Education part can be a bit elaborate,esp in terms of Year oF passing ,Institute, University etc.
Acedemic backing must be well reflected over the above the experience

Good Luck!

Dan Said:

Nail Technician - the in's & out's please help! (maybe a qualified or training Nail tech can help Uk?)?

We Answered:


I am a qualified nail technician at level 3.

The assessment are not that hard and are not just based on nails. You have to do an assignment on the laws and legislation regarding Health and Safety/

I did a part time course which was made up of two 3 hour sessions. We would spend rougly hour and half doing theory and then practical.

There wasn't any exams to do but I did the Beauty Therapy course the year before so I'm not sure if they could cross reference the grades from that. But saying that the exams were not that hard and didn't last long (about 45 mins).

If you are already interested in nails then you will like this course.
Why don't you contact your local college and see when their open days are?

Good luck. x

Joseph Said:

Does this diploma help any in Skill Assessment for pastry cook occupation?

We Answered:

Sorry but no, none of those qualifications will help with gaining a positive skills assessment for Australian migration purposes. The only qualifications or equivalents that are acceptable are defined on the following:……

Joel Said:

How do I? and will a TAFE college hire me? (

We Answered:

You are not yet employable for a TAFE - you have to have significant workplace experience (I mean in the realm of 5-10 years) before you would even be considered a possible TAFE staff member. The usual staff age for commencing at TAFE as a teacher is mid 40s.

You need to forget about working as a teacher just yet. You are not yet qualified to do that despite having the CertIV - which is really only valid if you got it while working elsewhere. A Cert IV without experience in teaching is worthless.

Ronald Said:

Is my resume any good? (HS Student with little experience)?

We Answered:

I would certainly mention things like being bilingual, an A student and graduating a year early before mentioning things such as learning concepts quickly. If you are an A student who has graduated a year early, that pretty much proves it. Many people have short attention spans, if they see you were an honor student...they will keep reading. If they just read "learn concepts quickly" they will think "Everyone says that" and they might stop reading before they see your great abilities.

Managers can have really short attention spans. They want something to grab their attention because they are normally not details people. They want something that tells them it deserves their attention.

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