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Diplomas And Transcripts

Tyler Said:

I was home schooled and to apply to a college I need to give the college my transcripts/diploma.?

We Answered:

So, you have already talked with the admissions office and they told you they want to see your transcript?

Oh dear. Yes, you can make a transcript from the notes and work your mother has saved, but it might take the better part of a weekend! Even then there might be a few things left out. Organize all the schoolwork into classes/courses that have names. Names like World History, Algebra I, Biology, English Composition, etc. You will need about 20 different courses if you are going to make a traditional transcript. Core subjects like math, science, history/government, and language arts should make up ~15 of the courses, for most colleges it is recommended to have 2 foreign language courses, and the rest can be electives. Each one needs a final grade. [if you haven't taken a foreign language by now, they will probably want you to take one in college]

Find a transcript form like this one:…
or use another one. There are many that you can search for. Some transcripts will organize coursework by subjects instead of by years and if you completed high school in three years, that kind might be better. In the "notes" section, you can list any extracurricular activities you might have done, clubs, sports, plays, recitals, any writing you might have had published in a newsletter, etc.

Then you will have to figure your GPA. Do a search for how to calculate it or use this calculator -…

Your mom will have to sign it to make it official.

Daisy Said:

How can I verify if a Graduation Diploma and Transcripts are real?

We Answered:

You can contact the school to see if they are not counterfeit.

There are various accreditation organizations so that you can tell if the school itself is legitimate./

Arlene Said:

How do Universities verify transcripts?

We Answered:

You said he transferred from a community college. Did he get a fake community college transcript or a fake high school one? Many colleges recognize the names of the fake schools, but if he got one that produced fake transcripts from real schools, they might get fooled. But he will be expelled if they find out he did that. Many won't bother to verify the transcripts; that's what all the seals and watermarks are supposed to do.

Lucille Said:

Do you need both highschool diploma AND transcripts?

We Answered:

You need your transcripts. They can tell if you graduated from that. If you bring only your diploma, you will still need to produce transcripts.

Lance Said:

How do I get my high school transcripts without knowing which high school my diploma came from?

We Answered:

You forgot the name of the school? I find that really hard to believe. So what did you spend: an hour or two "earning" your diploma? Sounds very fishy. You DO know a HS diploma takes the average HS student 4 years to get. So you must have a memory problem and not figured out how to compensate for it, I guess. Fishy. "nationally accredited" what does that mean? Nationally accredited by which accrediting organization? What you do is contact the accrediting organization and get their membership list. THen start emailing the possible schools asking them to verify that you graduated from there. May take years. ALternatively if you just finished on-line maybe your original HS kept records of where they sent your transcripts. You made this up, right?
Consider the GED if you don;t get lucky fast.

Albert Said:

Can I teach English in Japan with original college diploma but no transcripts?

We Answered:

Is it possible, yes, but is it likely, no. Above-board companies will want to see your transcripts. So only fairly sleazy companies, or companies that are having a tough time hiring people, will be willing to even talk to you.

So you're going to have to take the job that nobody wants. Work long hours for a private English conversation school, for not much pay and not much vacation, in exchange for them overlooking your lack of transcripts.

You're also not technically allowed to look for work while in Japan on a visitor's visa, so if you get caught you could get deported.

(What Carl said about leaving the country with debt being a felony might be true where he lives -- I don't know where he lives -- but it's not true in the USA. But it is true that leaving the country with debt does not dissolve the debt.)

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