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Distance Learning Diploma Courses

Anthony Said:

I am Gratuate in B.A. I think I like distance learning course diploma in mechenical engineering so pl. tel me?

We Answered:

You can complete your degree on line, check US universities, like Phenix University in Arizona

Kelly Said:

Are distance learning courses well recognised by potential employers?

We Answered:

Long distance learning is much more accepted and mainstream that it was a number of years ago. I don't think that you can answer how a distance-based course will be judged by a potential employer. I have a doctorate that was primarily distance based, and I did not find any problem with employers feeling it was sub-standard (Nova Southeastern). So much depends on who the interviewer is and who else is applying. I can not see a singe course having any impact at all.

When interviewing, you could be asked how it was doing a degree or course at a distance. In my case, I felt that it was done really well. I have also taken a single course at a distance that I was disappointed in (just like face-to-face classes).

I do not know the reputation of the schools the previous person who answered listed, except one, and I disagree on the one I am familiar with.

Go for it!

Ricky Said:

i am 3-yrs diploma (E&C) , i would like to know which collages offering distance learning courses for B.E.?

We Answered:

There are no accredited colleges that offer a BE degree online. If you plan to eventually pursue your ME then you need to attend a regular 4 year institution and finish your BE.

There are some unaccredited diploma mill online colleges that will do it but I don't recommend them and many employers will not accept diplomas from them as being valid.

Harry Said:

plz give me list of free online or distance learning courses of certificates in drug regulatory affairs?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

Gilbert Said:

Distance Learning Courses after 10+3(Diploma in Computer Science)?

We Answered:

You can do thru sikkim manipal University.It is a state Govt. university recognised by UGC, Ministry of HRD, AIU & DEC, Govt. of India.what they offer portable campus. New Technology learning methodology adopted thru EduNxt. you will get lateral entry adm. also in BCA.plz visit

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