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Earn Diploma Online

Philip Said:

where can i earn a online high school diploma for less money and that most colleges will accept?

We Answered:

from the USA?

just individually study for and take the G.E.D. exam
there are many prep books out there
and u can juss study fo this on ur own without spendin money besides on buying the books and paying fo the test

you can also juss go to a library that has test prep books and juss study there without having to spend on buying books

Wallace Said:

Can I go to high school online and earn my diploma that way?

We Answered:

Yes you can.

Christian Said:

I want to know if it's anyone who has earn a Medical Assistant diploma online???

We Answered:

medical assistant is a waste of yur moneey and your time. Dont do it

Alberto Said:

Does anyone know a site where you can earn your High School diploma online?

We Answered:

Try these:
Just so you know PCDI has been around forever, I took gunsmithing from them in 1988 and it was all sent through the mail.... I trust them and they own James Madison High.

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