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Earn Ged Online

Marcia Said:

Is there a place online to earn my GED for free ?

We Answered:

You cannot get a GED online, free or otherwise. The GED is only offered in person - all the sites offering to let you take it online are scams. They are not offering the real GED, they charge much more than the real GED costs (less than $10 in some states), it will not be accepted by colleges or employers, and some states consider it a crime to claim it's a real GED on your resume. Online high school diploma sites (the real ones - most of these are also scams) are a business. If you need a better job, you can take off time to take the GED.

Lloyd Said:

What legitimate online schools can I take to earn my GED fast?

We Answered:

Speak with a educational counselor in your locale, which should be available through the school district or through adult ed. Help exists for you at little or no cost.

If you decide that a GED is best for you, I recommend using a book, such as McGraw-Hill's GED, to study independently for the test. The book runs about $20.00 and you can work at your own pace. Contact your local school district or adult education department to see when the test is offered next. There are no short cuts to passing the GED, but with diligent effort on your part, you should be able to pass it.

If you decide that a high school diploma would work best for you, then your local adult education probably has some sort of diploma completion program. I urge you to give them a call.

Good luck!

Beatrice Said:

can you earn a GED online?

We Answered:

You can take, if you so desire, on line GED classes. You must however take the required examination for the GED in a brick and mortar center that is approve rd by and run by your state education department//

Derek Said:

How do you earn your GED online for free or low cost??? And where?

We Answered:

The GED Tests cannot be taken online. The GED Tests can only be taken at an official testing center. The link below will take you to the official GED website where you can get further information.

Scott Said:

Earn your GED online?

We Answered:

try this all site it's help you about ged

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