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Earn Your Diploma Online

Melanie Said:

Does it show on your diploma that you have earned your degree online?

We Answered:

It is apparent on some transcripts but most it's not there at all. It's not on the diploma except when the division of the college awarding the degree differs (such as Harvard University Extension).

That said, by asking this question you indicate that you don't trust the viability of online education or you don't trust that employers will accept it. If either is the case then you won't be happy with your degree - go to campus.

You have to personally trust the validity of your education or you are not doing yourself service.

Personally, I see the fact that Harvard, Oxford, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, UMass, UFlorida, Duke, etc... all teach online as proof enough for me that online education is valid. My own experience taking online courses is that they are better (and harder) than the classroom in many respects.

Patrick Said:

What programs are the best ONLINE to earn your HS Diploma?

We Answered:

Do you mean you had dropped out and would like to finish high school? Then you would have to apply for GED courses, which is different from a high school diploma but will still allow you to get into colleges. I don't know if there are any online courses for HS diplomas, to be honest, and I wouldn't recommend taking one either since college are eager to learn what school activities you are involved in so they can assess what you can contribute to their school.

Melissa Said:

online diploma/ged?

We Answered:

I heard of the online diploma/ GED but decided to be on the safe side and went to a local college and got my GED for $65. Certificate came in the mail two weeks later.

Russell Said:

Do employers care if you earned your diploma from an online college or not?

We Answered:

Some don't care. Of those that do, the problem is not so much the fact if your degree was online, but if it was at a for-profit university (like University of Phoenix or Capella) rather than at a traditional university.

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