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Earn Your High School Diploma Online

Anita Said:

Online high school diploma or GED?

We Answered:

There are some legit online high school diplomas (but far more scams) and there is no way to take the GED online - every site offering to let you take the GED online is a scam. The GED is not offered online. So avoid the high schools online offering to let you take the GED, the ones offering to let you be done in less than a year or more, the ones that let you just take a test and pay them to get a diploma, or the ones that don't expect you to do work and take the time to get a degree, because they're all scams. But your dad could just Google the GED in your state and go take it next week. Choose the official state site to find out how to register.

Vanessa Said:

Im 15 i wanna quit school, but i have a back up, will it work?

We Answered:

If you are a independently motivated student, then homeschooling, or earning your diploma via online, would be fine. I know a lot of well-adjusted people that were home-schooled and are as successful (sometimes more so) than those that attended a regular high school. But this is something you should definitely discuss with your parents.

Joseph Said:

Does anyone know if earning your degree online or at home is legal?

We Answered:

Think first about what type of occupation you are interested in, then find out what qualifications are needed to qualify for that job.

Can you only study at home or a combination of online and on campus subjects suit you. Start by going to the websites of Colleges that teach the subjects that lead to that job.

The next thing to think about is is that qualification recognised by a peer group or professional organisation in your State? Maybe it has a Federal Jurisdiction so can gain work regardless of State.

For Nursing for example - there must be a Federal or State based Nursing Union/Federation/Association.

Write to them and ask what do you need to qualify to practise in your State. Why not go to the nearest hospital and just ask the staff what is the best way to get into that occupation.

Micheal Said:

Public and online High school at same time?

We Answered:


Yes, this is possible. Please double-check with your state laws and/or academic counselor for specific advice. Let me leave you with a few websites that offer single courses:

Please send me a message if you feel obligated.

Ryan9 - hope I could be of good help

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