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Fake High School Diploma Free

Tiffany Said:

hi can anyone tell me where can i get a high school diploma in UAE .?

We Answered:

UAE aye

Hugh Said:

Online School...Friends?

We Answered:

um kool

Wendy Said:


We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

Rita Said:

Can I be in love with a girl who I'm not even with? Adults only please.?

We Answered:

Some how your question got cut off at the bottom. By the sounds of it you really do like this girl, a lot. If you can talk to her and apologize to her sincerely she might be ok with that. You might even try to set up another date with her. But, this time, be up and ready to go and get that car cleaned up. You have to show her that you can do this.

Good luck to you!


Pick yourself up by the boot straps and tell her how you feel. If you love her like you said in your question than you have to get over your fears. Do what you want to do and stick with it.

Alex Said:

Are there any free online high schools?

We Answered:

Psst...the guidance councilor always says it is a bad idea...
Because the local school district has to pay for it, (by law) and they don't want to!

Here is the list!…

Local districts hate charter schools! Never ask them what they think!


Parents are a different matter...but you can give them the info. Be respectful, though.
Good luck!

Cindy Said:

Should I leave my country? What are some ways I can do that?

We Answered:

I understand feeling you have a moral obligation to your country. But you won't contribute to it by suffering. And life is so short. Put yourself in a position/place where you can become strong, so you can give back later.

In the meantime - it would be something to make a documentary about your experience... to approach the absurdity with art. The contrasts you've mentioned would work brilliantly in visual narrative, which can be more effective/accessible than text and more easily grasped by outside audiences. (Your current uni would be a good place to set it, initially...)

You're well placed to communicate your observations and your passion with outsiders. (From a pragmatic point of view, it would also help an application to journalism school.)

Anita Said:

Will you be my editor?

We Answered:

I think you should introduce the characters in some part of the chapter. You missed a few punctuation marks like a period at the end of some of your paragraphs. I am willing to be your editor.

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