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Fake High School Diploma

Jamie Said:

what will happen if you decide to use a fake high school diploma to join the Military?

We Answered:

dude. what in the world are u thinking? don't even try it. if you can't get your hs diploma. Just get your GED, its easy and you'll get in with it. Also with a GED you need a higher ASVAB Score, So just get your GED. And thanks for your interest in serving this country. We need brave people like you!

Natalie Said:

can you really make a fake high school diploma and pass it as a real one?

We Answered:

They don't actually want to see your diploma. Those are easy to fake. They want to see your transcripts. Those are much harder to fake. You can buy fake ones online, but it's easy to find out they're faked, and claiming to have a degree you don't have is illegal in many states. Forget not getting the job; you can end up in jail. Just take the (real) GED.

Chad Said:

do fake high school diploma work to get a job?

We Answered:

I have never been asked to produce a high school diploma when getting a job - most places will just take your word for it.

But, if you are ever found out, that pretty much spells disaster for the rest of your working life. Honesty is definitely a good policy when it comes to this.

Ricky Said:

How do i make a fake High School Diploma with my name?

We Answered:

Just print one out on your computer. Most word processing programs have certificates of some sort you can use. Whatever it looks like, it would just be a novelty item - employers will ask to see your transcripts as proof of graduation, not a diploma.

Jay Said:

free fake high school diploma?

We Answered:

Get a Nice light brown textured background Printed on front and back. Then find out what school she went too or wants on there. Look at yours or one availible online and use it as a skeleton. Then Choose nice fonts for your text on the front side of your printer paper. Get a thicker print paper or use standard paper it dont matter then..........VOILA!!!!!!!

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