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Find High School Diploma

Rafael Said:

I cant find my high school diploma where can I get a copy?

We Answered:

Unfortunately most schools do not keep records of students that graduated. You will most likely have to go back and re-graduate from high school

Not to worry though, it should fly by your second time.

Catherine Said:

how do i find my high school diploma if i forgot the name of the school?

We Answered:

Do you at least remember where the school was? You can go to that school and ask for another one.

Brett Said:

Is it possible to find a job/ career in Abu Dhabi with a high school diploma?

We Answered:

As a youngster- you will easily find work in Promotions / Sales / Marketing. Most other professions require thorough experience.

A college degree is not a must, but certainly helps!

Keep an eye on the Gulf News and Khaleej newspapers- CLASSIFIEDS Section.

Good Luck and admire you wanting to help ur parents pay for uni, that's cool- very cool!

Clinton Said:

where can i find a high school diploma print shop/store in jacksonville, fl. 32218?

We Answered:

Your best bet is to just go to your high school and ask them to order one. They will probably charge you a few dollars.

Teresa Said:

Is there a way to find out if a high school diploma is real?

We Answered:

They could simply call the school and verify if the person graduated or not.

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