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Finish High School

Melissa Said:

Do you need to finish high school to become a pilot?

We Answered:

There's no fundamental obstacle to becoming a pilot for someone who has dropped out of high school. Becoming a pilot is simply a matter of studying the appropriate material, practicing flying, and taking and passing a series of practical and written tests to obtain a license.

However, if your goal is to become a commercial pilot, it is likely that prospective employers will be unfavorably influenced by a lack of a high-school diploma. So, while it's not a direct obstacle to getting the license, it can make it difficult to find a job as a pilot.

Additionally, becoming a pilot costs a lot of money, especially if you want to fly for a living, and not having a high-school diploma could make it harder to find a job to help pay for the training.

If you already have lots of money and you don't intend to work for anyone else as a pilot, then the lack of a high-school diploma shouldn't be a problem.

Maureen Said:

What if I finish high school, but find out that I haven't completed a class for university?

We Answered:

The safest way to be sure you aren't missing anything it to make sure that you talk to all your high school counselor and look up what your dream college wants. You can check out a school on and see what they want. Most colleges want 4 years of English, 3 of Science, 2 of Math, 3 of History, and some electives

Gilbert Said:

Can I move out of state at age 18 and finish high school somewhere else?

We Answered:

Yes when you are 18 you are considered an adult in the courts. You can finish school any where you want to move to and you also can get a GED to your parents can't do anything to stop you and you don't have to have them sign anything. All you will need is a copy transcripts from your current high school.

Agnes Said:

How to finish high school at home?

We Answered:

I did not know you could finishe highschool online. i would go talk to your school con.

Henry Said:

How can i finish senior year of high school in france?

We Answered:

No it's not possible to finish high school in France. Unless you go to an American school in France. French schools don't follow the American curriculum, plus are you fluent in French?

Nancy Said:

Can I legally leave home in the state of Texas after I finish High School?

We Answered:

You have the rights of an adult on and after your 18th birthday or on and after the date a court emancipates you. Until that time, you are a minor under the supervision of your parent or guardian.

Allen Said:

What happens if I finish high school early?

We Answered:

if you do all your tests then i think you can still go to uni

ans mine…

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