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Free High School Diploma

Martin Said:

where can i get a free high school diploma from?

We Answered:

Well it won't be free, but I'll trade you mine for an i-pod or xbox 360

Katie Said:

Does anybody know where I can get information about a COMPLETELY FREE online school for a High School Diploma?

We Answered:

You can't do it. There is NO online school for GED or a HSD that is for free. And if it was, its not a real one. And there are ones that you half to pay. If you want to earn HSD you need to start from where you left off at high school. So lets say you dropped out in the 10th grade you will need to start there. A GED is just like a HSD. I do not know what grade you dropped out but community colleges after the GED class's for free and online. Contact a community college for more info.

Stanley Said:

Where is a great website to get a cheap or free high school diploma?

We Answered:

If you could buy a degree, why buy a high school diploma when you could buy a master's degree?
Stay in school....

Aaron Said:

Does anyone know a website where you can get a free High School Diploma?

We Answered:

Ok well jessica...I like you was in search of a free place to get my High School Diploma. However after researching I found out that they all must charge some kind of fee because that is how they pay for their accredidation and certification. I did however find a very good site that allows you to obtain a diploma based on essays and life experience and it is only a one time fee of $40.00 and you get a very good package. This website does not have all of the fancy bells and whistles like the others but that is why they are able to charge a cheap fee. This school is fully accredited and you get a transcript and everything. This graduation package is what got me accepted into The Ohio State University where I am currently student. I hope this helps you out some so here is the link and good luck!

Tracy Said:

Can I get a free high school diploma taking it online anywhere?

We Answered:

You could try keystone high. That's an online high school and the course offerings are good. When you got enough credit, they will mail you your diploma. Some grads made it to Harvard, Yale, etc.

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