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Free Online Diploma

Keith Said:

My 16 year old daughter HATES school..Does anyone know anything about the free online diploma?

We Answered:

i'm not sure about that, but check into your local educational system for an alternative school. no i don't mean another high school down the road that you will have to drive her to and pick her up from. my senior year i wanted to join the Marine Corps so bad i went to an alternative school to finish credits early. it is something for kids that would normally drop out ie got pregnant, serious illnesses or things of this sort. where i did it, it was still in a classroom but you were given a book of assignments for an entire course you worked at your own pace and everybody in the class worked on their own thing. two teachers were available for assistance needed but it was basically do it yourself and finish faster if you so desire. and for the moron below me it was not a ged either.

Carrie Said:

is it possible to complete an engineering course-i mean postgraduate diploma course free by online?

We Answered:

u may check in Google

Juan Said:

How can I get my high school diploma online? For free?

We Answered:

Education is one of the most essential aspect of life, It's good that you want to complete your education.
I am not familiar with free online high school diploma providing school, so can't suggest to you. But the thing I would like to tell you is that if you want your diploma to be recognized by colleges, make sure the school you choose is accredited one. There are many schools online which provides these kind of diploma but are not accredited. Getting your diploma from such school would be nothing but a waste of your time and money.
There are certain organizations recognized by US Department of Education which gives accreditation to schools offering online education. So it's better to join such school. One school that I know and which is accredited is . It is not a free one, but it's a good one. Regarding the fee, I will recommend you to contact the school authorities.
P.S. : Some schools also provide financial aid to students.

Helen Said:

Can anyone tell how to get the free online diploma certificate?

We Answered:

Good luck with the "free" part.

Dwight Said:

Where can I go to school online for free and obtain a free diploma?

We Answered:

nothing in life is free....i'm sure you can get a job at mcdonalds.

Velma Said:

Anyone know how to get a REAL diploma for free online?

We Answered:

Get your ged, then file it with your state board of education, they can then issue a diploma!

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