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Ged At Home

Jesus Said:

how to achieve my ged at home?

We Answered:

You actually have two questions here, so let's take them one at a time. First, there is no legitimate way I have ever come across to get a GED "at home." Real GED courses are offered in physical "brick and mortar" schools, libraries, or community centers. Don't get sucked in by "online" GED stuff. I've never seen one that is legitimate. The "online" organization has no way to monitor the test you must take, no way to account for differences which occur from state to state, and no way to determine your success in preparing yourself. They will, indeed, send you a piece of paper with "GED" written on it somewhere, but it will be worthless. So what should you do? First, investigate other possibilities nearby. Try the public library, a community college, or the central offices of the local school district. Some church organizations also offer GED classes. You can also ask for help at the local offices of your state congressional representative. Any of these places usually know what the possibilities are for locating a legitimate GED course in your area. They can often offer you courses which you can manage around your work schedule. Baby care is another matter, and if that cannot be worked out, then that's the way things are. But at least you will not have been ripped off by a website which promises you everything and gives you nothing.

Vickie Said:

how do u earn your ged at home without going to college?

We Answered:

You have to register to take the GED exam, which should be available in your town. You can't take the GED exam in your home, or online - you must take it in person. Any GED exam you find online is a scam. You must take it in person.

Try googling "GED Exam" and the name of your town, or county, or state. You should get hits.

Maria Said:

GED, home-schooling online at home free?

We Answered:

Try Kaplan, k12 or Connections Academy. They all offer free online programs where you can work at your own pace.
Best of Luck!

Jerry Said:

can you study for your GED at home?

We Answered:

Yes, she can study at home. There are books that they sell especially for studying for the GED. You can find them at any bookstore like Barnes & Noble or Borders. To actually take the test for GED, she would need to go somewhere for that. I got mine in a Community College. Good luck to you both! :)

Lena Said:

What's a easy and cheap way to get my GED at home?

We Answered:

You can usually get complete information about obtaining your GED from local high schools, community colleges and BOCES in the area where you live. In some cases, you can just take the exams. In addition, there are also grants available for people who may not have the funds to complete their GED. If needed, ask about this when you ask about the program.
Good luck to you!

Dan Said:

Is it possible to take my GED at home? If so, how? ?

We Answered:

No you can not take the GED at home. However you can order study materials from amazon or other online retailers or purchase them at most major book stores.

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