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Ged High School Diploma

Yolanda Said:

Do you have to have a High School diploma or GED to go to beauty/cosmetology school?

We Answered:

Cosmetology is a licensed/regulated profession in almost every state and therefor you'll need to be over 18 (eligible to enter into a license agreement) and will generally need either a HS diploma or GED.

Some schools may allow you to enter the program under 18 but your state may require that you be 18 in order to become licensed.

Specific requirements will vary from school-to-school and state-to-state. In some states it's a vocational program while still at the HS level. In many states it's taught at the community college level for far less cost than a private "beauty school".

Kathryn Said:

Are there any alternatives to a GED or High-school diploma that are accepted by the military?

We Answered:

Yes, without a GED or HS Diploma all you would need is 15 college credits to qualify. Like they stated above, you will come in as an E-4 with your bachelors degree.

You can also get in with a home school diploma. It would require what we call a "tier evaluation" by the recruiting battalion's education specialist. If it was a state approved curriculum you should be good with just that.

Congrats on earning your degree!

Ivan Said:

What type of vactional,trade school you get into in california! Without GED,High school diploma?

We Answered:

yes its possible community college offer vocational courses without needing a HS diploma/ GED.

Emma Said:

I am trying to locate proof of my High School GED Diploma?

We Answered:

A school or school district would be unlikely to have a copy of your GED unless it was specifically needed for school which is very unlikely as well.

You should instead contact the GED jurisdiction district administrator by using this site:…

Dwight Said:

Where can I go online to get my GED or high school diploma?

We Answered:

Try asking a student for help.

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