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Get A Degree

Ken Said:

Does having an AA Degree in Liberal Arts get you a better chance of getting a job?

We Answered:

Well, it depends. If you are applying at an agency (like the government) that wants a 4 year degree, it shows that you are "half-way" there and they may have the leeway to hire you but demand that you get busy and finish the last two years (which is more expensive and more difficult; real university versus community college). They may give you a few years (four or five) to finish your degree which you will have to do at nights.

In that instance, you are much better off than a high-school graduate, however, you will not get the job the 4 year certificate is required prior to date of hire.

If the job you are going for does not require any degree past high-school, it will not help you, since most employers know that a 2 year liberal arts degree has little value, if any. In fact, what you learned in 2 years of liberal arts at a community college, is the same information that used to be taught in high school.

However, for yourself, personally, ALL education has value. You know a great deal more than you did when all you had was a high school diploma. In fact, a 2 year degree is a "qualifying" mark to get into a 4 year college and that is its true value in the market place. It is a "qualifier" that says you have qualified to earn an undergraduate, 4 year degree, as your next endeavor.

If you look at the jobs that require a PhD, MD, or JD, and then look at the jobs that require a Masters, MSW, MPH, or MBA, and then look at the jobs that require a BA or BS, then you can realize that an AA isn't much, on its own. But, you have shown DISCIPLINE in earning the 2 year degree and that is a good sign.

Have I confused you? Please, as soon as you are able to afford it, please get that pesky 4 year degree. You will never be sorry and you will never have to doubt your value when you finally earn that precious document!

Charlotte Said:

What are the course requirements needed to get a degree in materials science and engineering?

We Answered:

These websites outline the detailed curriculum for all four years to get a BS degree in Materials Science and Engineering:………

Lisa Said:

how to get a Bachelor degree in physics?

We Answered:

take mathematics its mostly needed

Jorge Said:

how long does it usually take for someone to get a degree on average in military, more specific RAF ? UK ONLY!?

We Answered:

it will depend on which degree it is and how long the course is.
No one answer for such a broad question.

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