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Get Copy Of High School Diploma

Billy Said:

How do I go about getting another copy of my High School Diploma?

We Answered:

Contact your (former) high school's guidance office or the superintendent's office.

Debbie Said:

Does anyone know how to get a copy of a high school diploma?

We Answered:

Diplomas are "one-of-a-kind" documents. They are prepared individually and are usually hand-signed by the President of the School Board, Superintendent or Principal at the time you graduated. These people may be no longer in those positions (indeed, some of them may be no longer living!). Hence the difficulty of replicating the original document.

If it's proof of graduation that you require, you can order a transcript of credits from your old high school. Your transcript will indicate the date of graduation. Most schools charge some sort of fee for this.

While a transcript hardly qualifies as "suitable-for-framing" wall art, it does constitute proof that you graduated and is a valuable document to have in your possession.

Janet Said:

is there a website that i could go to and get a copy of my high school diploma sent to me?

We Answered:

CONTACT THE SCHOOL, geez, this isn't rocket science.

Tell them what happened and that you will get a copy when the school gets you a copy. That's all you can do.

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