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Get Ged Online

Justin Said:

Is getting a GED online better than going to a college and getting your GED there?

We Answered:

Online GED programs are scams. The GED is not offered online; any site offering to let you take the GED, 'their GED', their 'GED alternative', or a single test to get a diploma is a scam. They charge more than the real GED costs, it will not be accepted by colleges or employers, and claiming it's a real GED on your resume is illegal in many states.

Kent Said:

Where can I go to get a hsd or a ged online?

We Answered:

You need to go to an adult school, and usually takikng your ged isn't free I paid 150.

Rafael Said:

Is there anyway to get my HighSchool Diploma or GED online?

We Answered:

If you are unable to join the regular campus school due to continuous traveling issue, you can opt for online high school. But you still have to study hard to get some good grades. One online high school that I have heard of is . It is accredited by authorities like NALSAS, NAPHS, TACI etc and has made quite a good reputation among students.

Curtis Said:

How can someone get their GED online in the state of New York?

We Answered:

It doesn't appear possible to take the GED test online. This is from the Web site of the New York State Education Department:

"Please Note: The GED Tests are only given at official GED Testing Centers approved by the New York State Education Department. There is no online or computer-based GED testing available at the present time."

There are privately operated tutoring services that you can pay to use online. But the exam itself has to be taken in person.

I realize this is probably not the answer you wanted, but I hope it helps. Don't get misled into wasting your money.

ADDED LATER: No, you do not have to take classes, although a lot people think it helps. There are books you can buy that give you practice questions, so that's an alternative as well. You can get some ideas about the books from the Web site, but this is the sort of thing you would be better off looking at in a bookstore..…

Johnny Said:

does anyone know a website where i can get an actual GED online?

We Answered: which is accredited by National Association of Private & Home Schools (N.A.P.H.S.), National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools (N.A.L.S.A.S.), Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI) etc., has been providing online GED. As the accrediting authorities are approved by US Department of Education the GED will be a legit one.

Marsha Said:

What is the easiest way to get your GED online?

We Answered:

It's a scam. You cannot take the GED online. All the sites offering to let you so do are scams - they are not offering the real GED, they are charging much more than the real GED charges, it will not be accepted by colleges or employers, and claiming it's a real GED on your resume is a felony in some states. Just take the real one. Google the GED in your state and pick the official state website to find out how to register and where you can take it.

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