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Get High School Diploma Online For Free

Victoria Said:

46 yr old looking for legitimate online high school diploma program?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Caroline Said:

I'm 18 years old and i don't have my high school diploma. But, i need a job!?

We Answered:

Before you do any courses online, make sure your school will accept the online credits towards your graduation - some will only accept them from certain online schools.

Frances Said:

Is there such thing as a free online adult school to receive your high school diploma?

We Answered:

There *may* be. It may depend on if it matters if you've dropped out, and on your exact location because there are boundaries, like regular public high school has. Contact the schools and find out!

On the Kaplan website it states 20 or younger, so you should be OK with that if you are allowed to start now. (Not sure about the K12, but usually age has to do with state law, so it should be the same.) The reason the age matters is because the legit free online high schools are actually through the public schools, and there are maximum age limits as to when you can attend public school. So it's just like you're attending a public school, but online, instead of in person. The reason they are free is because the school is paid for the same way that all public schools are paid for, by the state. So instead of the money going from the state to the regular in-person high school that a student is enrolled in, it goes to the online public high school.


If online doesn't work out for you, go to an in-person adult school (often at high schools or community college), or see if the community colleges in your state have high school level classes for graduation. I'm in CA, and ours do, either through the regular college program or through a special community program. If it's just 3 classes, you should really do it and not wait much longer, after time it gets harder to go back to school. You may qualify for financial aid.

Good luck!

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