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Get High School Diploma

Philip Said:

anybody know a legit website were i can get a high school diploma?

We Answered:

if you are still in high school& want to do online school, your public school district will pay:…
links from this site:……

if you're an adult, you'll probably have to pay since you no longer have a district to pay for you =( make sure you go to an accredited school.…
a link from this page:…

Clayton Said:

Do I get my high school diploma ?

We Answered:

Yes you will get your diploma. However, a diploma is just a pretty decorative certificate given in remembrance of the completion of high school. What matters are your transcripts. You will nee to check with th program you are enrolled in to find out if they issue transcripts and diplomas. If the do not, then you or your mother will need to keep track of your work.

Everett Said:

I was wondering where I can go to go take the test to get a high school diploma, instead of a GED?

We Answered:

You are in the right place you need to contact Cornerstone Ministries Christian School Townsend,Georgia at (912)832-3834 that's where my daughter got her high school diploma now she is going to school for nursing. Good Luck and pass the info on to other people that want or need theirs also.

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