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Get My Diploma Online

Glenn Said:

how can i get my highschool diploma online?

We Answered:

For an online school email Nichole Peterson at [email protected] and ask her to give you information about their online school program. If you want to learn about other programs then I'd suggest talking to a school counsilor. By the way, online schools probably won't get you your high school diploma in time to start college by fall. The best idea for you would probably be to get your GED. To learn about that you'll have to talk to a school counsilor since I don't know the details about where you live and whatnot. When getting a GED all you have to do is go in and take a pretest to test your knowledge (it's a pretty easy test) and, depending on your score, you either have to study to learn what you don't know or you go and pay to take the final test. I had to pay $70 for my final test, I don't know if the price will be different in your area or not.

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