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Get My Diploma

Frank Said:


We Answered:

If you don't want to pay the fine then take proper care of your books./ You will not need your middle school diploma but the school has other ways to force you to pay what you owe./

Sherry Said:

15 turn 16 i one month & need high school diploma?

We Answered:

What is your plan after high school? That's what your high school counselor would ask first. If you plan on getting a college degree, you can go with running start program at local community college. They also offer high school diploma. You'll get your diploma and college credits. If you need a diploma to get a job, then just get your GED. Some community centers offer free classes to help you pass the GED. Talk to your guidance counselor for more help but most of them are not helpful at all. Their only solution is to stay in high school. Also try the career counselor at the community college. They are more helpful.

Alex Said:

What is the difference between a State Diploma and a regular High School Diploma?

We Answered:

Get your H.S. diploma. Isn't a state diploma like a GED? Just get your h.s. diploma to stay on the safe side.

Alice Said:

Is a college diploma in Computer Programming sufficient to get me a good paying job?

We Answered:

It doesn't matter what diploma. A diploma alone is not sufficient for anyone to be certain of getting a good paying job.

As the previous person said, you have to have experience.

You also have to prove your diploma is more than a piece of paper. You have to show you actually learned something and didn't only do just enough on tests to pass.

You have to interview well. People who interview poorly rarely get hired. When they do get hired, they often get hired into poor jobs.

You have to have some idea of what you want to do and why. The answer cannot be money. Technology employers don't want people who just want to make money.

It sound like you have a plan that makes sense, though. Good luck.

Lillian Said:

Do i need a highschool/uni diploma for work visa in dubai even though im qualified for the job ?

We Answered:

yes because it will bust your qualification and your moral

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