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Get Your High School Diploma

Milton Said:

Is it possible to go to a culinary arts school if you don't have your high school diploma or GED?

We Answered:

All schools are different so you just have to ask. Here is a great list of culinary schools:… They are all over the country but you can narrow by state on the side and zip code. You should ask if they require a GED or not. Especially if you are actually working on it right now, you might be in luck :) If you are looking for online schools that offer culinary - check this out:… Narrow by culinary and you will see a few. Good luck with your new Career Path!

Lisa Said:

If you are homeschooled, how do you get your high school diploma?

We Answered:

We home schooled all three of our children. The first learned best by using Christian Liberty Academy Satellite School: they sent all the materials to us, she sent her tests and papers to them for grading. In the end, they issued a diploma. The other two used more eclectic curriculum, as we gathered what we saw as the best materials for each subject.

For all three we kept a full record of everything they studied, and arranged it in a semester-like course layout. All three of them entered community college at 15, and our records sufficed for admission. They also had to take an entrance/placement exam, which granted each of them acceptance into the Honors Program. (although none of them chose to go that route, mostly for philosophical reasons)

Kathryn Said:

Can You Get Your High School Diploma And GED at the same time?

We Answered:

A high school diploma is OVER-RATED .You'll do just fine with a GED.I dropped out of high school when i was 16 and recieved my GED 1 month later.After that I enrolled at a Junior college and graduated with an A.S. degree in mathematics by the time i was 18,which is the time i should of finished high school.By the time my friends graduated high school,I already had a college degree.Upon completion of my A.S. and a GPA of 3.8, I transferred to The University of Southern California (USC) and by the time i was 20 yrs old graduated with a Bachelor's of Science(B.S.) in Aerospace Engineering.I went on to grad school after that and graduated with a masters in PHYSICS by the time I was 22. I am now 23 and I work for BOEING As a Head engineer and I'm planning on becoming a proffesor at usc next year and teach physics.I am very proud of my success and all of this started with a simple GED.

Stephanie Said:

After you get your high school diploma, What do you have to do if you want to get into college/university?

We Answered:

An application to a college or university will require you to do a number of things that will take time and energy. However, once you have done them, you can apply to more than one college or university without doing some of the things again. You must take the SAT or Scholastic AptitudeTests and ACT or the American College Testing series. Some higher education institutions require one of those and some require both. They are predictors of your abilities to enter college.

You must have the GPA, Grade point average for all your high school classes. The high school from which you graduated will provide that. You also must scores for the SAT tests, Scholastic Aptitude Teat and the ACT, American College Testing, Those you pay for and are usually offered by a college near your home. You also must have letters of rrecommendation from people who know you well. Your personality will be something you display by completing the application process and having an interview with the admissions committee once you are accepted to the college or university. That committee will do that by assessing your appearance, your demeanor, and your answers to their questions. Your talent will be judged by what you write and what you say. It will also be judged from your own reporting of the extra curricular activities, your services to the community, the volunteering you have done, and the work experiences you have had. Finally, you will have an interview with the admissions committee to discuss why you want to be a student at the university, what you want to study, and what you will do when you graduate.

Sharon Said:

Is there any way to get your High School Diploma if you already had a GED?

We Answered:

You're too old to go back to highschool, and few adult education centers will take you if you already have a GED.

The military requires that a GED recipient score a 50 on the ASVAB OR obtain 15 college credits to supplement thier diploma. Neither option is particularly difficult. My advice would be to spend $20 on a practice book and complete the problems out of that. Then get a library card and read in your spare time.

Larry Said:

Is there any way that you can get your high school diploma on the internet?

We Answered:

well you can get one online by studying in an online degree school.. there are many out there on the internet that are fake though some are really reputed ones.. so choose wisely.. however you can look out for studying some material to be prepared for the school at

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