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High School Degree Online

Cheryl Said:

Can I get a High School teaching degree online?

We Answered:


May be this site can help you

Best of luck.

Justin Said:

Will an Online High School Degree Keep Me Out of College?

We Answered:

Each school has its own rules about it. You can compare their rules and students feedback here -

Jose Said:

online high school degree?

We Answered:

If you plan to attend a major university, an online high program would not be in your best interest. Universities consider you GPA, activities, class ranking and SAT scores for admission.

Rick Said:

Receive high school degree from online or take GED?

We Answered:

I've considered taking GED but eventually went for an online high school that gives high school diploma. I've enrolled in Keystone National High School.

It gives you freedom to get a real HS diploma on your own pace, your time, your place. It leaves you time to pursue other things - a job, volunteer service, internship, travel, etc.

Some courses you can finish in two months and advance to the next level once you finish a course. You can finish all four English requirements in a year if you want to.

Look into Keystone, they allow you to enroll any time of the year, no minimum or maximum number of subjects you can take at a time.

THe previous posters were right. If you are looking into advancing into college, you get a higher chance with a real HS diploma. More scholarships are also given to home schooled students than those with GEDs.

But if you are in a hurry, have a deadline or needs a GED as a job requirement, then GED is your best option.

Talk it over with a guidance counselor, your parents, admissions counselor, etc.

Lauren Said:

Is Online High School Degree From Belford University will help me to get addmission in any other college ?

We Answered:

Belford is not a real school. It is setup to just take your money and it will not provide you with a valid high school diploma.

Bob Said:

Can you get into a good college with an online high school degree?

We Answered:

Yes obviously, for sure you can get into a good college with an online high school degree. Online degree and regular degree are considered as same. what they require is that you must have talent and that much of skill level. If you have that then no problems. And you have already mentioned that your school is accredited. so you will be happily accepted.

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