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High School Degree

Jeremy Said:

I'm a drop out of high school and im looking for online high school degree?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

Tiffany Said:

do i need a high school degree to become a pilot?

We Answered:

no the only thing you need is an 8th grade level math and thats it

Gabriel Said:

Do you have to have a high school degree to get an online degree?

We Answered:

In most cases you need a high school diploma to be admitted to a university program. There are a few exceptions, such as being able to reigister at some universities as a mature student without full high school graduation.

Edward Said:

Is it possible to build your own business with a high school degree in Singapore?

We Answered:

Yes, you may be right that a degree may not guarantee success in the real world but it is just so much harder without it! Of course, there are people who do well without having to go thru college BUT people do not go to college only to study what's in the textbooks. Part of the reason why companies hire graduates is because they want to know that you have enough discipline to put yourself through those 4years, coupled with your studying, social activities & projects, you are still able to pull through at the end of it. I have met some brilliant people who did not go through college but for them to get to the same position as a graduate in the corporate world, it will just take them much more time or perhaps no such opportunity is ever given.

Of course, you are asking about building your own business here in Singapore, & Singapore is a society that values education heavily. Which is why you would see the long list of abbreviations people attach on their namecards of their scholastic achievements. I wish I could say otherwise, but having a degree will definitely help here.

It also depends on the type of business you are going to be doing. If you are simply going to open a small shop to sell accessories/clothes, then yes, your high school degree is probably enough. But if you want to turn a coffee shop into a chain of franchises such as Ya Kun, then you would either need to put yourself through school, or hire people who have the academic backgrounds & experiences to run in line with yours.

Academic+Experience+Foresight will take companies very far.

I always encourage people to keep updating their internal software. Go for courses, take classes, read more, talk to more people. If you close up the option for continuation learning for life, & depend on only experience alone, then we will be back to Singapore in the beginning. Without our intellects as a nation, we may have to go back to being factory workers or selling Kachang Puteh on streets.

Michelle Said:

Is it possible for a 20 year old to earn a high school degree at home without doing it online?

We Answered:

Well I could be wrong, but at this age I think she can only go for her GED. I believe if you have dropped out of high school and are over 18 you need to get a GED. In which case should could study at home for the exam.

Lloyd Said:

Can I become a University of Phoenix Professor with a High School degree?

We Answered:

You heard wrong however based on your question and the name you have dubbed yourself I can see this was purely for your own entertainment. Try a Masters Degree or a Doctorate and you might be in the ballpark.

George Said:

Do you have to have a High School Degree to get an online degree?

We Answered:

No you can not. It's like any college course.

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