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High School Diploma At Home

Bessie Said:

Has anyone done their high school diploma at home with National Academy of America High School?

We Answered:

You may fool an employer but no college will take a bogus, bought diploma.

EDIT - for minimum or no cost you can take the GED test anywhere. Contact your local school district for info. - this being true why do you think someone would charge you $350?

2, 4 year and grad degrees are "sold" like this as well.

Manuel Said:

How to get your high school diploma at home??

We Answered:

I dropped out of High School and tried to get the "Home School diploma" and its not worth the trouble. ... heres the thing. Some colleges will take let you in based on your ACT and SAT scores, if you tell them you were home schooled. But, some won’t being that its not accredited and the Military will NOT take home school. What I ended up having to do is go through a school called Gateway Prepatory Academy and basically, they give you the classes you need to finish on a disk and you do the work and email it in and then you take the test online and they mail you an accredited diploma. Basically, you’re buying the diploma. It’s not that bad, you can work at your own pace and being that you have kids, that would probably work well for you. Good Luck and I hope I helped.

Lorraine Said:

Is there any website i can go to, to get my high school diploma at home?

We Answered:

It costs $56/month for 17 months.

Dustin Said:

is there anyway of getting your high school diploma at home?

We Answered:

i quit school...i went and got my ged ...all you have to do is take a test and its looked at the same as a diploma

Hazel Said:

Is there any Online or at home High School Diploma Programs, Accredited in the State of Oregon?

We Answered:

Try this.

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