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High School Diploma Copy

Randall Said:

need copy high school diploma wrent to haaren high school in new york school no longer exist?

We Answered:

The record should exist with the school board headquarters, contact them.

Kurt Said:

do i need a physical copy of my high school diploma?

We Answered:

Once you have a college diploma, the chances of being asked to prove you graduated high school diminish. Depending on what you go into however, you may be asked to provide a copy of your HS diploma (I actually needed it for a position & I have a masters!); so while unlikely, you just never know for sure.

Brad Said:

How can I get a copy of a high school diploma from a private school that closed years ago in philadelphia?

We Answered:

I guess it's just kinda difficult.
Maybe you can try to contact the staff who once worked in that school and ask for help.
Good luck with you.

Julia Said:

How do you get a copy of your high school diploma from year 2009?

We Answered:

In order to get a copy you would need to go to the school. I doubt though if the school will give you a copy. If you have the original you could make a photostat.

Linda Said:

how do i get a copy of my high school diploma?

We Answered:

Dear D,
I had the same problem when i chose to go to college in 99, I needed a copy of my High school diploma which I had lost. I live in new york therefore, I went to high school in ny, you have to call the board of education to request it and than send a money order for the diploma, in ny it's court street but, my cousin lives in Florida and just received a copy of her high school diploma from the board of education in florida. Check with the board of education in florida I am sure you need to send a money order for 6.00 to get the copy.
Good Luck
Ronnie C

Allison Said:

Getting a copy of my High School Diploma?

We Answered:

they don't give you a copy of the diploma but they do give transcripts which is what you send out to colleges and other schools. one copy is usually free from the administration office of your school, but they charge for multiples after that.

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