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High School Diploma Fast

Cassandra Said:

how can get my high school diploma fast and easy!?

We Answered:

Be prepared to pay! There are some great programs such as it is kind of expensive but if your willing to pay $395.00 - $450.00, you will get an high school DIPLOMA at your own pace, they will send you a test and you can take your time and send it in when you finish. When your all done you will receive your high school diploma, transcripts, and you can even get a class ring. You can also add foreing lanuages that is required for some place. Its not the traditional GED some people try to give you. I'd also suggest staying away from the FREE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS not all can be trusted. And don't forget an accredited school is the only school that way you can use your diploma and get to place you wanna go... I hope this helps

Diane Said:

how can i get or earn my high school diploma quick fast and easy?

We Answered:

The only way to earn a diploma is to take classes and earn the credit you're missing, either in person or online. Most online schools are scams. Any site that offers to let you take the GED online or get a diploma in much less than a few years if you've got no credits or let you take a single test in order to get a diploma is a scam. You could take the GED, but that's not offered online - you have to do that in person.

Andrew Said:

Where can I get a online High School Diploma fast, that Penn Foster College Accepts for an Associates program?

We Answered:

This company is a diploma mill. They aren't a real school. They list accredition from an unrecognized accrediting agency, which basically means the diploma is worthless. In some states, its even illegal to use a diploma issued by a diploma mill to get a job.

You know you can get a high school diploma from Penn Foster themselves. They have a High School Program that is regionally and nationally accredited.

Benjamin Said:


We Answered:

If you are not in a school at the moment working toward your high school diploma, then you are behind the power curve and may not find a school that will enroll you, not to mention that becomes a full time curriculum. Taking your GED isn't going to be a "fast" option either as this is regarded for someone who is of the age of 18 or older and has not earned a high school diploma. That would give you at least a year before eligible to work on your GED. Therefore, you might consider virtual online high school so you can either continue your Job Corps or you can leave that behind you and work full time getting your high school equivalency through online efforts as quick as you can. Good luck.

Roberta Said:

high school diploma fast.?

We Answered:

Sounds to me like you are trying to get a fake one. That's being a cheat! Just go get your GED and do it right!

Toni Said:

In need to get a high school diploma fast?

We Answered:

online, GED, or taking summer school at a community college are your only options. i'm sorry. :(

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