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High School Diploma Ged

Marion Said:

Do You Have a High School Diploma/GED or a College Degree?

We Answered:

high school diploma & I'm currently in college =D

Brittany Said:

which is the best online high school for high school diploma or ged?

We Answered:

you have two options
first is to go for a conventional high school diploma ,
second try a fast track program like HSED or GED
for both you have to be 18+, if you are below 18 and missed out the state exam then also you have options in online school...(only if you have completed all the formalities for graduation)

also note that you can take GED practice exams from internet,but you have to take the exam from a state certified exam center ,
you may try in John Adams Virtual school or Excel High School, these are the best schools which are accredited and provides both High school diploma and GED test preparation

Grace Said:

Can I transfer to a University if i don't have a High school diploma/GED?

We Answered:

Each state has different rules on who can be admitted and even schools have different rules depending on the type of school. What makes things even more difficult (and why so many are SO SURE of their answer one way or another) is that different admission standards are applied to different people. In other words, schools have different admission standards for adults vs high school age kids.

The most likely answer to your question is YES. You can transfer to a university without a high school diploma or GED. Depending on how many credits you have completed, you may need to take another "Ability-to-Benefit" test. (In the state I live high school drop outs earn their high school diploma by simply completing 30 college credit hours). A neighboring state also allows adults to enroll without a high school diploma or a GED but requires them to PASS the GED test before the school issues their degree.

One more thing jumps out at me here you need to be aware of:
1. An Associate of Applied Science degree is a degree that is NOT designed to transfer to a University. It is one that was to put you directly into the workforce. So many of the credits you have already taken probably won't transfer or won't count towards that Bachelor's degree at the new school.

Ever talk to those folks who complain about going to a community college for 3 years and having only about 15 credits actually counting at the senior level university? These are the folks who choose the "Applied" Science degree and not the regular Associates degree. Hopefully you haven't been at the school that long so most of your classes will count (Freshman Comp, College Algebra, Government, etc.)

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