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High School Diploma Online Free For Adults

Allan Said:

I want to get a GED, instead of a diploma?

We Answered:

I would suggest going to an online high school such as Penn Foster. They give a actual high school diploma! Plus, you can take some college courses on there if you'd like. After Penn Foster, you can go to any college. No, it's a diploma, not a ged. Some college's do frown apon GED'S. That's why i suggest you do that.

Best of luck, Shelby

Terrance Said:

Can I get alot of suggestions and replys on this please?

We Answered:

Your FREE education ended when YOU made the decision to drop out of school.
If you want it now, PAY FOR IT.

Martha Said:

Is there such thing as a free online adult school to receive your high school diploma?

We Answered:

Some school districts offer online "credit recovery" for making up a few classes and getting the units to graduate. Since you are only 19, you may be able to do this. Check with the school district you would have graduated from. You would want to contact their district office, department of student services.

Jon Said:

how in the HECK do I get my DIPLOMA?

We Answered:

Don't give up! There are free adult schools everywhere! Don't lose hope! Keep looking!

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