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High School Diploma Online Free

Leroy Said:

I live in Cincinnati how can I get my high school diploma online for free?

We Answered:

Nothings free.

Carlos Said:

Where can i take my high school diploma or ged online for free?

We Answered:

You cannot take it online. You must take the G.E.D test at a testing sight where is must be administered to you personally. If you take it online, they won't know if its actually you or someone else behind the monitor.

Gertrude Said:

get your high school diploma online free ?

We Answered:

That's a scam.
Any website that tells you that you can get a free high school diploma or convert your life experience with a high school diploma is a fraudulent site. Either you pay them or not, or if they mail something that looks like a real HS diploma, it's a fraudulent act, and the diploma is not accredited and if you present it to future employers, you will get caught. You risk a lot.

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ROSIE Bright said:

Wanted to get info on getting my high school diploma