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High School Diploma Test

Brittany Said:

I have Test-DaF and high school diploma. Is it possible to get into German university and study Business?

We Answered:

No that is not sufficient and asking over and over again will not change the answer

Beverly Said:

I want to know how you could take your high school diploma test online but not your GED Test?

We Answered:

There's no one test you can take and get a diploma; that's the GED, it's not worth as much as a diploma, and you can't take it online. If you want to do high school online, the programs offering real degrees and not fake ones will still require you do coursework and pass classes.

Ray Said:

Online High School Diploma Test?

We Answered:

Talk to the local school district or community college. They will be able to point you in the right direction. Where I live, the community colleges have not only someplace to get your GED, but also high school completion, computer classes, and many other programs.

Ben Said:

can i still attend law school even if i paid for my high school diploma and took the test for it online?

We Answered:

The proper question would be, do you meet the prerequisite to attend an university in any undergraduate program? If you answer this question, Yes, then you can.

Mary Said:

Does anyone of a place where i can take home the GED or high school diploma test,and return it when I'm done?

We Answered:

They are not going to allow you to take the test home because they would then be unable to determine if you did the test or someone else. Unfortunately, in most cases, people are trustworthy only as far as you can toss them.

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