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High School Equivalency Diploma

Joseph Said:

Is a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma The Same As a GED?

We Answered:

Yes! Blessings Yahoo

Michael Said:

Where can I get a copy of my High School Equivalency Diploma?

We Answered:

You can get a new one from the same source where you got your other one... Contact the Registar's Office at the Community College, they will have your records.

Valerie Said:

Does Illinois offer a high school equivalency diploma?

We Answered:

Yes, Illinois does. You can find all the information you need on that by going to luck!

Georgia Said:

Is there a difference between a GED and High School equivalency diploma?

We Answered:

No, GED=Good enough diploma

Renee Said:

Can i join the army with a High School Diploma Equivalency?

We Answered:

It's a GED and you will have to inquire with each branch as to their current needs for GED possessors.

Darlene Said:

Can I get my High School equivalency diploma at 17? US Navy Recruiters Help would be nice?

We Answered:

Disregard the post above- you may not attend Navy Recruit Training between your junior and senior year. Some other services (read Army)- yes. Navy- absolutely not.

Some people do graduate at 17 and then leave for recruit training shortly afterwards. Others join the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) at 17, guaranteeing their position, then report to RTC up to 12 months later.

It is extremely difficult to join the Navy without a high school diploma. Almost impossible. My suggestion to you is to stick out high school and graduate. If you don't, I guarantee you will regret it later in life. Wait and see.

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