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High School Graduation Diploma

Donna Said:

Can I get my High School diploma before graduation day?

We Answered:

Most likely, yes if you have a good reason (and it seems you do).
You will have to have all your tests done and graded before they will give you the diploma. I'd suggest discussing this with your administration now to make sure things go smoothly at the end of the semester.

Gene Said:

Do you receive your actual high school diploma at graduation?

We Answered:

It depends on the school and how graduation is organized. At some schools, the diplomas are arranged in alphabetical order, marked with the student's name, and specific people are responsible for making sure that the correct diploma is given to the right student. At other schools, the organizers dispense with all that work and simply hand the student a piece of paper which says "congratulations" on it. He gets the actual diploma later, either in the mail or somewhere where they are handed out by staff members who can find the correct one for each student. In either case, the ceremony is usually well done, and everyone enjoys it, diploma or not.

Frederick Said:

Is Graduation exam requierd for the high school students in Alabama to get an high school diploma?

We Answered:

The state of Alabama requires passing an exit exam before letting a student graduate.

That definitely applies to students who've gone to Alabama schools for a while, but I'm not sure what they'd require of a transfer student so close to graduation.

As soon as you can, contact the school's guidance counselor. He/she should know.

Hilda Said:

Do you had to be in a high school graduation ceremony in order to get a diploma?

We Answered:

You dont have to attend graduation. Just let them know you wont be.

Teresa Said:

I didn't get my high school diploma at graduation, What should I do? Will they still have it?

We Answered:

If i were you, i'd be more concerned about your transcript.
Call your school principle and see if you can get that sorted out. If that doesn't work, hire a lawyer.

Dana Said:

Howq can i get a copy of my high school graduation diploma of 2003?

We Answered:

Contact your high school and ask what their proceedure is. THey may need something in writing from you, but ask first.

Cody Said:

If I dont go to my high school graduation will the school mail me my diploma?

We Answered:

Diplomas are not ready at time of graduation. They use fake pieces of rolled up paper and mail you the real thing in a month or 2.

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