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Higher National Diploma

Johnnie Said:

What is a Higher National Diploma (HND) equivalent in United Of America?

We Answered:

an associate's degree, I think.

Teresa Said:

What is a Higher National Diploma (HND) equivalent to in India?

We Answered:

Deport illegals, and keep the dream alive.

Nathan Said:

I lost my Higher National Diploma certificate and my college closed? What can i do?

We Answered:

Get one of your professors who knows you have graduated to write you a letter.

Nancy Said:

What Credits are Higher National Certificate and Higher National Diploma worth?

We Answered:

An HNC is normally worth 120 points - equivalent to a full year of university work

An HND is normally worth 240 points - equivalent to 2 full years of university work

As far as I know, these points are standard whatever you study

Bruce Said:

What is BTEC Higher National Diploma?

We Answered:

As long as it is regionally credited, you should be fine.

Nancy Said:

I have a higher national diploma in Automobile Engineering,and want to pursue a futher course.?

We Answered:

I suggest you do an English language course first, it will help your tutors to understand you better, giving you more chance of passing.

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