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Home School Diploma

Howard Said:

if the army dont take my home school diploma will the national guard will?

We Answered:

the army is just not accepting anything under a TIER1 right now..which is a hs diploma earned from sitting in a are considered a TIER2 just like a GED, either you can get 15 college credits and move up to a TIER1 or wait until the fiscal year starts over in OCT1 and they start accepting TIER2s and 3s again..but they are on a limit so get in there..dont join a branch you dont want..wait the army out til oct!

Byron Said:

where do i get my home school diploma?

We Answered:

Just make your own on Award-maker... that's about what it would be worth... your test scores are what count.

Brenda Said:

Getting a high school diploma if your home schooled?

We Answered:

I don't know about in new jersey, but in WV you have to get a GED.

Elaine Said:

Do art colleges accept home school diploma?

We Answered:

Have you tried the Cooper Union? It is a college in NYC. It offers free tuition for anyone that gets in. They have a great arts program. What matters to them is your art portfolio and statement of purpose and recommendations.

Bradley Said:

Can anyone cite a law that makes it illegal to issue a home school diploma?

We Answered:

Here is a link a blog about what William O. is referring to:

It seems diplomas must be issued to home schooled students in PA by a homeschooling umbrella organization. I don't have the education statute number, but the link will explain it. You could google and research PA ed. code yourself.

I read your profile and other 3 questions about this - I don't believe Florida has any such laws. It seems it is legal, because they don't say it's illegal. This is a quote from homeschool-paradise's site on Florida home school law:

Florida home school law doesn't say it is illegal to create your own diploma or transcript. As long as you have the proper records to show that your child has received a proper education, there is nothing to prevent you from printing out your own transcript and diploma.

Here is a link to the site I quoted above.

Now, my opinion in return for googling this? A diploma is just a pretty piece of paper. I graduated from High School 30 years ago and I don't know where mine is. Nobody has asked to see it - ever. I have a bachelor's and master's degree - nobody has asked to see those diplomas either. But they have checked my professional license for employment purposes. On the day you begin college, nobody is going to care anymore that you were home schooled or went to a public or private school. If you apply to graduate school, they'll ask about what you've doing in college. Employers aren't going to ask when you apply for a job either. There will be a little box you'll check that asks if you completed high school. Check yes. Since you will have been a university student, they will know you finished high school anyway, and they will be interested in what university classes you've taken. High school for everyone becomes distant very fast. If you're still telling people all about home schooling in four years, instead of university, that will seem odd. Enjoy it now.

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