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How To Get A High School Diploma

Theresa Said:

Is an Adult High School Diploma the same as a GED when joining the US Military?Navy to be exact.?

We Answered:

Having your adult diploma is much better than having your GED. That Navy DEPer, usnbm09 isn't much help...

They only allow a certain amount of people in per year with GED's and as I recall, you must also have a minimum score on the ASVAB of 50... which you should get better than that anyhow, but just in case... :)

Billie Said:

How can i earn my high school diploma online?

We Answered:

Many well-established universities are beginning to offer online high schools; these schools are probably the best bet since they are tied to credible institutions that have been around for years. A few schools to consider include:

Allied National High School…

Penn Foster High School…

Keystone National High School…

Christa McAuliffe Academy Online…

More online private high schools...…

Online Charter Schools
If your state allows charter schools, you may be able to enroll in an online high school for free. Charter schools are publicly funded but have more freedom from government control than regular public schools. This is one of the best deals out there, since public schools are not allowed to charge tuition and are generally accredited by the proper organization. States such as Minnesota and California have provisions in their state laws that permit students to enroll in charter programs that are paid for by the government. Schools Blue Sky in Minnesota offer students the chance to earn a diploma without paying for classes or materials. Choice2000 in California is completely online, completely free, and completely accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Some schools even provide computer equipment and hands-on materials free of charge.

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