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How To Get High School Diploma

Brandy Said:

How long does it take for a high school diploma to arrive?

We Answered:

call them......

Oscar Said:

Can I earn my high school diploma while going to college?

We Answered:

You should speak to your counselor but double check if you have college credits if the high school diploma is really necessary./

Vanessa Said:

How to convince a 20 year old to finish getting his high school diploma?

We Answered:

I think that this is something your boyfriend is going to have to decide for himself. In order for him to take the classes seriously and spend the time needed to graduate, he is going to have to want to be there...not because someone else talked him into going. You could gather some info on what your boyfriend would have to do in order to graduate, give it to him and let him know you support his decision.

Felicia Said:

How many credit i need to get high school diploma in PA state?

We Answered:

Check out this school.
This school offers on campus and home study diploma.

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