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Hs Diploma Online

Martin Said:

HS diploma online or GED?

We Answered:

I went to a seminar that 5 different colleges sponsored for the purpose of recruiting homeschoolers to their schools. Some of the colleges were private and some were part of the public university system. Every one of the reps told me that in the case of homeschooling they do NOT in any way regard the GED in a negative light. They actually seemed to prefer it as it allowed them to more easily check the boxes on their bureaucratic paperwork. Some of the colleges actually offered a scholarship for having a GED and I know that the Hope scholarship (from the Ga state lottery funds) offers money for the GED.

I would suggest that (if you are considering college) you ask the admissions departments of the colleges you are interested in what they prefer and look into whether scholarship money is offered for one. Check to see if your state has a scholarship program from lottery money and see if they might have an incentive to get the GED. Ultimately, what matters most is what the college you want to enroll in requires.

From the info I gathered at this seminar and the experience gained by sending 2 kids to college, I have found that colleges want to see a GED or an accredited diploma or they want to see both a transcript and a portfolio compiled of the work you did. They may also want to see SAT or ACT scores, but this is changing as many colleges have decided these scores are not truly reflective of a students abilities. If the online diploma is not accredited from a program the college you want to go to recognizes, then they may want to see both a transcript and portfolio or a GED. Some accreditation programs are not accepted by colleges. For example the College Board Of Regents did not accept A beka's accreditation.

Leslie Said:

Does the army accept benjamin franklin hs online diploma ?

We Answered:

Contact your recruiter and ask him./

Joshua Said:

Is there a good cheap place to get my GED or HS diploma online?

We Answered:

Most of the online high school diploma sites are scams, so be very careful before giving them your credit card number. Make sure they expect you to actually do the work for classes, not just send them money or take a single test. Check the rip-off reports for that site as well. And you cannot take the GED online; ALL sites offering to let you do that are scams.

Barry Said:

Can I get an online HS diploma at 15 years old?

We Answered:

Yes, you can switch over to online school, but be careful - there are far more scams out there than real, accredited programs. If they offer to let you finish your degree in significantly less time than a normal diploma, it's a scam. If they tell you you can just take a test and get your diploma, it's a scam (that's called the GED, it's not worth as much as a diploma, and you cannot take the real GED online). If they don't make you take actual classes, it's a scam. Getting one of these scam degrees ('diploma mill degrees') will not get you into college or help you get a job. It will just leave you minus a few hundred bucks.

Virginia Said:

What and where is the fastest way to get a HS diploma online?

We Answered:

Sorry, not possible. Any school that would let you do that is selling you a diploma, not making you earn one - that's called a diploma mill, and claiming these degrees as a real degree is a felony in many states. Either go earn your degree or go take the GED (you can't take it online).

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