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Level 3 Diploma

Sharon Said:

Did anyone do cache level 3 diploma in playgroup practice wales?

We Answered:

I know this is more for england but you could try:

it has a section on adults role!

Otherwise try typing in your Foundation Stage based curriculum title that you use in Welsh settings and you may find info sheets and booklets that you can use!

George Said:

Will a Diploma level 3 childcare course take me to university to be a primary school teacher?

We Answered:

Basically, yes.
If you go to, click courses, course search, by subject, E, education, primary education, you reach the page for education degrees.
Each individual course has specific entry requirements, which you can find by clicking 'entry requirements' or 'entry routes' and then 'course specific requirements'.
Your qualification is usually at the bottom of the page, under 'Other tariff qualifications'.
2 examples of places which accept your course are the university of Derby and the University of Cumbria.
Hope this helps!

Nicole Said:

How many A levels is a BTEC level 3 Adavnced diploma is worth?

We Answered:

A Level 3 BTEC National Diploma is equivalent to 3 A levels. As that is also level 3 and a BTEC Diploma I'd guess it would be the same. To be sure contact the place where you are planning on doing the course.

Shelly Said:

Have you studied or are currently studying for the CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare & Education?

We Answered:

have you got a levels ? cos i did an access course it was 10 months and then uni to be a primary teacher . The access course was fun but hard and the best thing its for over 19s so not annoying just out of school kids .

Cynthia Said:

Can I get into a University in America with a Level 3 diploma in Music?

We Answered:

Have no idea what a level 3 diploma is.

but to attend a US university. go to any school's web site, go to admissions, international student to see requirements and how to apply

Ronald Said:

is anybody studying the cache level 3 diploma in childcare and education course?

We Answered:

I did the BTEC level 3, which is very similar. It's a good course, if you plan on working with children at a higher level (teacher, social services, midwife, etc), it is a brilliant qualification to have as you know a lot about what you will expand on at university.

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