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Life Experience Diploma

Melanie Said:

You have no work experience and no HS diploma.How do get income or a job quickly before your life falls apart?

We Answered:

Try a driving position.

You can qualify for federal funded program which help people through training free of charge, they pick up the tab. It's easy and simple.

1.Here is what you do get your CDL permit
2. apply with this program they will paid a driving school to help you pass your CDL license. Your choice CDL Class A or B I would shoot for the class a. <Tractor Trailer position

Email me click on my avatar and email me with the state you live in and I'll send you the location of the office where you can apply for the free voucher which will paid for your driving lesson on a tractor trailer plus the road test.

Guy Said:

are there any mainstream universities that offer credits for "life experience" towards a degree?

We Answered:

There are some schools that will allow limited credit, but Ithink your best bet is to go in to the school where you are thinking of applying and have a chat with the department chairperson of the dept. He/She will be able to tell you the exact situation at that school. I think the most likely outcome is that they might give you credit for one or two courses, but more likely they will give you an exemption from taking the most elementary classes and put you into more advanced classes where you can actually learn something.

I think there is almost no chance at all that you would be totally exempted from taking all the courses in any general area of engineering, or that they would give you any significant number of credit hours. But, you won't know until you ask.

Some schools may be much more welcoming toward non-traditional older students. Of course, if you are a responsible person who can pay tuition, they want you. So, you have a bit of a bargaining position, but you can't press it too far.

Good luck.

Enrique Said:

who excepts life experience certificates?

We Answered:

It's "real," in that some school gave it to you. It's probably not an *accredited* school, and that's one of the things colleges look for.

They don't tend to accept online tests because you can take them open-book, and usually take as long as you like for them--and there's not even any way to be sure *you* took the test, instead of having someone else take it in your name.

Bradley Said:

what does this mean:Briefly type the work or life experience that qualifies you for this diploma?

We Answered:

They want you to write a little about why you deserve this diploma. Write your qualifications and any experience you have related to the work you will be doing when you get the diploma.

Example: If you were applying for a job at a child day care, you woud write about how you are used to babysit children. Or maybe you would tell them you had courses in CPR so they know you can handle when a child is choking.

Ruben Said:

What are some life experiences I can use to get my high school diploma?

We Answered:

Sorry, schools that give credit based on life experience aren't giving out real diplomas - it's a scam. You cannot get a life experience diploma, and you can't take the GED online. The only real online high schools will make you take classes and complete coursework. Don't fall for the scams - they'll take your money and leave you with nothing. Those diplomas are not accepted by colleges or employers, and claiming one on your resume as a real diploma is a felony in many states.

Andre Said:

Can you refer university that award degrees based on life experience while not a diploma mill?

We Answered:

Any accredited, reputable, okay-for-immigration-purposes university will require you to do at least a certain amount of classes on their campus before they will grant you a degree. There are no purely "life experience" universities that are reputable.

However, most reputable unis in the US will allow you to take CLEP exams to prove that you hold the equivalent knowledge to certain of their classes. In addition, some types of training you may have had in your life - for example, military training - can sometimes be accepted for college credit. You will need to speak directly to the universities in order to see if anything can be done for you.

But any reputable university will require that you do at least one year's worth of classes with them before they can grant you a degree.

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