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List Of Diploma Mills

Peter Said:

Creationists, would you go to a doctor who's degree came from an unaccredited school?

We Answered:

Not to mention the fact that he's in jail for fraud.
All creationist leaders are deceiving their deluded followers.
Another one is Andrew SNelling a geologist from Australia who routinely publishes on creationist websites, with the exact same data (different conclusions) that he publishes in credible scientific journals.
The majority of Christians and Jews actually understand evolution, therefore accept it, and see how it fits elegantly with God's plan.
Why wouldn't God allow for species to adapt to changing environments? -- that's a blessing.
Evolution IS 'the divine design.'

Creationists do more to harm Christianity than any atheist could ever hope to.

Billie Said:

Are there any other online schools besides "the big 3" that will grant you credits for work/life experience?

We Answered:

A degree from any university/college that incorporates anything but minor "lifetime" credits is phony.

Jorge Said:

What accredited schools offer MBAs in International Business in the Chicagoland area?

We Answered:

Go to a top tier MBA school or don't bother.

"International Business" sounds very sexy, but companies don't hire MBAs in International Business unless they have significant previous experience in International Business.

Brandy Said:

My name was included on a list of 10,000 investigated about Diploma Mill.?

We Answered:

The Embassy may not have the power to do anythinng. If it was a paper magazine, you could contact the editor and the journalist involved and complain - and you can do the same for the online magazine. You might also think about giving them an interview - one in which you can expose the mills, and explain that you are an honest researcher who has been caught up in the scandal - as others probably have been. Get an offline address (they may not respond to email) and call until somone human (not an answerphone) answers.

Samuel Said:

is Universal Life Church Seminary a diploma mill?

We Answered:

Hi. I run the ULC Seminary and I would hate to think that that's what anyone would think we were. Each course has at least 20 lessons. Most of the courses have weekly assignments and all require an essay at the end. It's obviously not the same as going to a university, but it's not something trivial either. You can check out some of the essays at

Martin Said:

Investigated by the FBI (heritage Bush) about Diploma mill?

We Answered:

Request a check under the Freedom of Information Act from the FBI to determine what, if any thing, they have under your name.

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