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Make A High School Diploma

Anna Said:

police officers with only high school diploma make $55k/mo. vs person with bachelor's degree make only 45k/mo?

We Answered:

I assume you mean $55K/yr -- either that, or your friend is on the take, and your brother is a drug dealer.

Look at average salaries. The average 25 year old without a degree makes $20K less than the average 25 year old with a degree.

Perhaps there is something about your brother's choice of fields that is keeping his salary down. It may also be possible that your brother's job has more potential. Ask them what they are making in ten years.

Alvin Said:

How much does One think a person with a High School diploma can make a month?

We Answered:

They say if you have a university education you will make 25k more then just a high school diploma
Now if you know certain people add another 25k per year. If your sexually inclined to let the boss have their way with you then add another 25k and add extra vacation time too. This is the way its worked for thousands of years.

Rosemary Said:

How come some police officers make $4500 a month with high school diploma and little experience?

We Answered:

Because they work hard, accept overtime assignments and take huge risks.

Nathaniel Said:

How long does it take to make a High School Diploma?

We Answered:

Your homeschool is at your house. Your "cover school" or "umbrella school" may be in your city or elsewhere, How long it takes will depend on how efficient the main office of the umbrella school actually is, which could vary quite a bit.

Annette Said:

Can you get a high school diploma or GED by an only exam? Did you make the high school in a only exam?

We Answered:

If your brother's standard of English is anywhere near as good as yours, I'm sure any university around the world would bend over backwards to accept him with or without his GED or high school diploma. Particularly Oxford or Cambridge here in England.

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